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Our History

First established in 1998, Communities in Motion was originally named Dance with Traci. Traci McCormick, owner, grew the Mayfield Heights business, providing dance, tumbling, and movement classes for all ages at community recreation centers on the east side of Cleveland.

In the spring of 2005, Traci's family moved from the Cleveland area. Long-time business partner and friend, Wendy Murphy, took over the business, which became known as Dance with Wendy. The core of a thriving business, Wendy was passionate, invested, and loving. Her classes were a consistently positive, comfortable place for children, families, and seniors who returned to see her week after week.

In February 2009, Wendy died suddenly from an undetectable cardiac condition. This shocking loss reverberated through our community as students, friends, and family struggled to come to terms with her death. A compassionate, dedicated, and energetic mother, wife, friend, colleague, boss, teacher and business owner, Wendy is deeply missed.

Wendy's legacy lives on in the instructors she trained. This team wanted to continue the tradition, to share their love and passion for dance, fitness and movement. With this in mind, Traci McCormick resumed her role as owner of the business, operating for several years with the tribute title Ovation by Wendy.

Our work will always be a tribute to Wendy Murphy. She embodied everything that we stand for. She was our friend and mentor. As we transition to a new name, one that will last through whatever transitions life brings, we want to ensure that our history, that Wendy's story, will always be connected to Communities in Motion.

Wendy's memory lives on at Mayfield High School, where each year a deserving student is awarded the Wendy Murphy Scholarship. The scholarship is specifically for a student who demonstrates the love and passion for young children that Wendy lived by. For more information about the Wendy Murphy Scholarship Fund, click here.

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