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Adults In Motion

Fitness for You

You deserve it! You need it! Relax your mind and body with this light aerobic workout including warm-up, aerobics, stretching, strengthening and cool down. Escape the chaos of life with this fun aerobic workout concluding with breathing exercises to calm and relax the mind and body to prepare your body to cope with the rest of your busy day! Please bring 3-5 lb weights, a resistant band, and water to class. Registration information is on page seven.

Good Time Dancin'

Love to Dance? Want to have some fun while burning a few calories? Dancing improves memory, and helps to keep you physically fit. Come learn current, oldies, country, and contemporary dances such as Good Time, Canadian Stomp, Country Walkin', and much more.

Chair Exercise and More

This class is for all ages of adults. Maybe you would like to begin an exercise program but just do not know where to start? Chair exercise is rigorous enough to give you a nice "good feeling" while increasing your heart rate as well as toning, strengthening and stretching the body all in a fun and friendly environment. Standing exercises such as balance and light low impact aerobics are done as well.

Line Dancing

Love to dance but don't have a partner? Need some exercise but keep putting it off? You can do both as we do familiar dances that you know such as the Electric Slide and Country Western dances.

Cardio Kick It Up


This class takes a spin off Cardio kickboxing without the boxing. A great low impact workout that will firm and shape the body as well as improve aerobic fitness. Balance and Core exercises will be included as well. Bring your water bottle and towel.

Workout Classes

Come have fun with easy-to-follow, low-impact aerobic exercises geared for all ages and fitness levels. These classes will include aerobic, weight and flexibility training. Bring hand weights (2-5 pounds) flex band and water bottle.

New** Beaming Core and Balance

This class is all about balance and core stability using a low to the floor balance beam, yoga poses and soft music. Primarily geared for the mature adult or any person needing to work on balance. Class is 30 minutes in length. This class was designed by the Ovation Movement Team.

Benefits of Beaming Core and Balance

  • Reduce stress and boosts the immune system
  • Restore and improve natural balance, improving postural alignment
  • Reduce body fat and increase lean body mass
  • Integrates upper body carriage with lower body gait while working the core muscles in every aspect of the workout
  • Incorporates barefoot and ankle stability training
  • Improves muscle tone, definition and sleekness through functional movements which integrate strength and flexibility
  • Train real-life function of each muscle group
  • Connect the mind, body and emotional well being, focusing on the WHOLE person rather than just the physical experience
  • Improve proprioception (body awareness) - leading to ones heightened awareness of self
  • Enhance the use of the experiential senses in every day activity
  • Integrate real-life functional training of each muscle group with mindful and purposeful movement patterns to enhance overall physical awareness
  • Enable the WHOLE person to build self-confidence and over all self esteem through mastery of the physical activity and emotional connection
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Fostering a love of dance and exercise via accessible, affordable, community-based programming.