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Missions and Values


  • To enrich the lives of our students by fostering the development of social and physical abilities


  • Nurturing a love of physical activity gives our students healthier, more fulfilled lives.
  • Students get something meaningful from our non-competitive, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Through movement classes we reinforce:

    • Social skills (patience, taking turns, cooperation, self-discipline)
    • Literacy skills (color/shape/letter recognition, reading as age appropriate)
  • Through nursery rhymes and song and dance routines we reinforce speech and verbal articulation.
  • Parent/caregiver understanding in terms of age expectable norms and techniques to foster healthy development/functioning.
  • Teaching without a goal of performing allows students to learn and master for the love of learning and mastering. For students who might be anxious about performing, this allows them to participate with age-mates without the stress they would experience at typical dance studios.
  • Staff consistency and investment fosters long-term relationships with students and families.
  • We can support the healthy development of children under age 5 by working with the parent-child (or caregiver-child) couple.
  • Parent/Teacher support fosters consistency for a child.
  • Children learn a love of dance/movement from a young age by participating with parent/caregiver.
  • Children are inspired by their loved ones/parents when they see them participating in the movement and dance classes.
  • Learning to practice and master a skill.
  • We offer a practice card that is to be brought back to class weekly noting the amount of parent/child bonding time spent reviewing the fun activities done in class.
  • Enhancing the lives of adults with fitness and dance programs that are good for the mind and body!

A fun learning program keeps students and instructors engaged and invested.

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Fostering a love of dance and exercise via accessible, affordable, community-based programming.